Change Mozilla Firefox language settings

If you have ever wanted to change or adjust your web browsing language settings in Mozilla Firefox then this guide will show you how. Did you know that you can have more than one language preference in Firefox? You can also have several languages in order of your own preference too.

Watch the video above or follow the text guide below.

How to change web browser language settings in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. Click the Firefox Button Firefox Button at the top-left of your browser window (older versions click the Tools menu) and click on the Options menu item
  3. The Options window will now be open
  4. Click on the Content icon at the top of the Option window
  5. Under the Languages heading, click the Choose button
  6. You should now see your current language(s) in order of preference from top to bottom
  7. To add a language: click the Select a language to add.. drop-down list button, Select a language, and click the Add button
  8. To change the order of preferred language(s): Select a language, then click the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change the order
  9. To remove a language: Select the language and click the Remove button
  10. When you have finished choosing your languages, click on OK to Languages window, then OK to the Options window
  11. Now refresh the webpage (preferably to see your language preferences working


  1. Skumboni says

    how do you know which language to pick when the choices are in the cyrillic aphabet? nothing in any of the browser is readable which makes navigation hard for amatuers.

  2. Michael D. Breen says

    Dear Richie, I am in Thailand and my Mozilla/Google blog has changed the language in the top bar to Thai. No matter what i try including your suggestions about settings and choosing a language the Thai persists.This is the blog address . As I am not close to anyone with either English nor IT language I would very much appreciate your assistance. Thanks
    Michael D. Breen

    • says

      Howdy, mmm that’s a tough one Spider! Are you scrolling with the mouse-wheel? because the drop-down list is very long and might be out of frame. Other than that I am stumped, sorry!

      Cheers! Richie

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